Ferrari Window Installation

Denny Plastics were recently commissioned to mould fluorescent Perspex car profiles for the flagship Ferrari store as part of the RIBA London Regent Street Windows Project.


The project involved a string of architectural shop window installations on London’s Regent Street and ran from 16 April to 6 May. It saw some of London’s best up-and-coming architects alongside more established practices creating unique displays based on the theme of play.

Each architect was challenged to create a spatial installation that reflected their retail partner’s brand, as well as their own practice, while also responding to the overarching theme.


The Ferrari window design sent ribbons of neon light travelling across the shopfront in a turbulent pattern, echoing the smoke trails created in Ferrari’s wind tunnel. Playing with perception, the ribbons were blown from one shape to another, creating the outline of the iconic Formula 1 car on one side, and the classic Ferrari Gran Tourismo shape on the other.


To create the profiles, Denny Plastics had to first fabricate formers and moulds by CNC routing MDF to shape. 3000mm x 100mm wide strips of 5mm fluorescent Perspex sheet were then cut and polished before being heated in a large oven. The flaccid lengths were then laid into the MDF formers and left to cool before being fixed together onsite.