Plexiglas Acrylic Sheeting

Acrylic Sheeting with Plexiglas

Plexiglas is widely credited as being the first brand of acrylic sheeting available in 1933. Plexiglas, like Perspex, is available in a wide range of wide range of colours, patterns, thicknesses, and sizes and is offered as both a cast and extruded material.

Plexiglas defies the yellowing effect of UV radiation, and is unique in that it offers a 30-year guarantee against yellowing and it’s continued light transmission.

Plexiglas acrylic sheeting is less than 50 percent as heavy as glass and 43 percent as heavy as aluminium. Plexiglas sheet has proved its ability to withstand weather and sun exposure with negligible loss of light transmittance and clarity. No other type of plastic offers this assurance of satisfactory outdoor performance.

Please contact us for more information on the full range of Plexiglas acrylic sheeting colours and finishes and applications for acrylic showcase or an acrylic box.