We fabricate many signs and displays for exhibition stands

Here at Denny Plastics we fabricate many signs and displays for exhibition stands throughout the year. For a recent food show we were asked by one of our clients to come up with something a little bit different to display desserts for a London-based catering company.

In total, twenty five 400 x 400 x 400mm boxes were fabricated from 6mm Perspex silver mirror. Internal display parts were then fabricated which included clear Perspex grids, Perspex opal plinths and trays with holes laser cut to take skewers.

The food wall was displayed in an area which was close to the opening for the outdoor half of the show. This meant that the unit needed to be as visually striking during daylight as it was when dusk fell. To illuminate the unit, LED lights were incorporated into the middles of each of the boxes and, using Perspex opal, plinths, frames and grids were laser cut to hold the various shaped desserts. Blanking mirror panels were also used and laser engraving was used to etch words such as ‘yummy’, ‘superb’ and ‘lush’ out of the reverse of the mirror for illumination.

The wall was a huge success and the boxes which were originally planned to be used for this show now have pride of place in the firm’s showroom.

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