Fabricating a brand new acrylic unit to replace old wooden turntable base

Denny Plastics were recently approached by a member of the public to fabricate a brand new acrylic unit to replace their old wooden turntable base. The double-chassis design was provided by the client as a template which was then scanned and drawn up by our in-house design team in one of our computer packages.

The drawings were converted to the correct format for CNC routing and the individual parts were cut from two slabs of 30mm clear cast Perspex. At this time, all holes and recesses were cut for fixing the unit and routing the cables. Further recessed holes were cut to fit 40mm diameter clear Perspex rod which would connect the two layers.

Post-CNC routing, all of the pieces were hand polished using sandpaper and special polishing compounds to give both the inside and outside edges a mirror-like finish.

Once all of the parts had been polished, the rods were glued into place using our ‘museum-grade’, crystal clear acrylic glue and the base was ready to be shipped to the customer.

The customer contacted us to express his delight at the workmanship and finishing of the unit. The image below which shows the complete unit with everything in place.

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