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CNC Routing

CNC stands for Computer Numerically Controlled and routing is the cutting, shaping, drilling, milling, and surfacing of materials using a computer… Read More

Laser Cutting / Engraving

Our laser cutting and laser engraving machines enable us to cut intricate shapes and engrave such things as trophies, display boards and signs… Read More

Bespoke Perspex Furniture

Denny Plastics have been commissioned on a number of occasions to assist with the design and fabrication of various pieces of bespoke furniture… Read More

Exhibition & Retail Displays

Here at Denny Plastics we understand that presentation is everything and the better your product is displayed, the more likely it is to attract… Read More

Perspex Showcases & Display Cases

Denny Plastics fabricate showcases for London’s largest museums, galleries and exhibitions. Our showcases can be found in the Tate Modern… Read More

Diamond Edge

Our floor-mounted diamond polisher is perfect for leaving a crisp, clean polished edge on square-cut panels. Panels from 1mm all of the way up… Read More

Flame Polishing

For panels which have been machined into a shape or with rebates, chamfers, etc, flame polishing is the ideal process for removing the machine… Read More

Hand Buffing

Hand buffing is often required for particularly thick material or awkward shapes and sizes. Our floor-mounted buffing wheels and hand-buffing… Read More


Our 2440 x 1220mm moulding oven allows us drape-form and mould large sheets of acrylic. The material is heated in our oven until supple where… Read More


Our 3000mm long line bender allows us to bend up to the maximum sheet length. Line bending can be used to create a unit from single pieces… Read More

Dome Blowing

Dome blowing begins with heating a piece of acrylic in an oven. Once the piece is supple, it is then transferred to the a dome blowing unit… Read More


Our sliding bed circular saw allows us to cut large numbers of panels in a short amount of time and with high precision. The saw blade can be tilted… Read More


Denny Plastics are one of the leading fabricators in the country when it comes to creating clear, pristine bonds. The ‘museum-grade’ joints that… Read More