A Brief History of Perspex Sheets

Perspex sheets are mostly taken for granted in modern society. They have been around for generations and have played an important role in forging the world around us.  In fact, they are such an integral component in our society that they are rarely given a second thought.

It was as recently as 1993 when the ‘Plexiglas’ brand name was registered by a German scientist called Otto Rohm. But what few realise is that Perspex sheets have actually been around in one form or another for more than 170 years. It was all the way back in 1843 when acrylic acid was invented, which paved the way for the creation of today’s advanced Perspex sheets.

Over the generations that followed, acrylic glass technology was continuously refined and improved. From advertising and marketing to military equipment and more, this revolutionary material found its way into almost every industry worldwide.

The Versatility of Perspex

Much of the popularity of Perspex sheeting lies in its remarkable versatility.  This is largely due to the fact that the crystalline solids that Perspex sheets are made of have greater strength and flexibility than glass.

On average, Perspex sheets weigh around 50% less than comparable glass sheets, as they also have a much greater shatter resistance. They are not prone to yellowing (or general discolouration) with age, and it is possible to polish most superficial scratches out of Perspex sheets with ease.

The safety of Perspex is also one of its biggest selling points, and the reason it has found its way into so many important everyday applications. When Perspex sheets break, they do not shatter into millions of small (and potentially sharp) pieces like glass.

Plus, these shatter-resistant properties make Perspex sheets much easier to work with than large glass sheets. They can be cut, modified, styled and transported much more easily than glass, and offer greater versatility in terms of where and how they can be used.

Present Day Perspex Applications

The list of potential applications for Perspex sheets is literally endless. They can be seen playing an important role in pretty much every contemporary industry and sector.

Perspex sheets are used in the manufacture of aircraft windows, advertising and marketing signs, military vehicles, health, and safety equipment, building materials (particularly roofing) and so much more besides.

There are also those who specialise in the design and creation of all types of Perspex artworks and even furniture. With a little imagination, there really is very little you cannot do with the latest advances in acrylic glass technology,

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