Denny Plastics Welcomes New Trotec SP3000 CO2 Laser Cutter

At Denny Plastics, we are always working hard to improve the quality and efficiency of the services we provide for our customers. That’s why we are delighted to announce our recent investment in a new cutting-edge piece of machinery, which will enable us to take both the quality and consistency of the products we supply to a new level.

Fresh from the folks at Trotec, our newly-installed SP3000 CO2 laser cutter represents the ultimate in high productivity and comprehensive user friendliness. Laser cutting has become the go-to for the manufacturing and fabrication sectors, offering a huge range of advantages over more conventional cutting methods.

With our new Trotec SP3000 CO2 laser cutter now up and running, we’re confident in our capabilities to continue exceeding our customers’ expectations with every product we produce.

The Benefits of Laser Cutting

“Trotec laser cutting machines are designed for the fast and precise processing of large-format materials. Features such as the four-sided access and the Tandem Assist, combined with the highest cutting speed, ensure maximum productivity. Use the entire work area, with no idle time. Additional functions for outstanding cutting quality include an exhaust system located directly at the work head, a sectioned exhaust system at the processing table, as well as the option of digital regulation of the compressed air.”Trotec

Engineers and manufacturers have been turning to laser cutting for some time for its distinct benefits over conventional cutting methods. The Trotec SP3000 CO2 laser cutter is designed to fully leverage each of these advantages, offering a broad range of benefits to manufacturers and product recipients alike.

Just a few of the major benefits of laser cutting over conventional cutting methods are as follows:


A dynamic laser cutting system like the Trotec SP3000 can be used to cut a wide variety of materials with pinpoint precision, without the need to change any tools or hardware. This one machine is designed to do it all, increasing output and maximising efficiency – without compromising on quality.


There is currently no material cutting technology in the world that can rival the precision of laser cutting. Even thermal cutting does not come close to the accuracy of high-end laser technology like the Trotec SP3000, which in tests has achieved an accuracy of an incredible +/-0.1 mm. This makes laser cutting ideal for all applications where microscopic precision is the only acceptable standard.


Along with cutting our products with unbeatable accuracy, the repeatability of machines like the Trotec SP3000 is also second to none. With an average repeatability of +/- 0.05 mm, each and every component produced is essentially a 100% identical copy of the original.


Last up, the Trotec SP3000 CO2 laser cutter makes it possible to significantly accelerate production cycles, particularly when dealing with more complex requirements. More products and components can be cut with pinpoint precision within the same period of time, speeding up turnaround times and keeping costs down for the benefit of our customers.

For more information on the benefits of laser cutting or to discuss your requirements in more detail, reach out to a member of the team at Denny Plastics today.