What Are the Advantages of a Perspex Display Case?

While it is not to say that glass display cabinets are devoid of charm, contemporary acrylic display cases are hard to beat.

True, there is something about the allure of traditional glass that is undeniably appealing. It has been the choice of discerning businesses and homes for generations, bringing a touch of elegance and sophistication into all types of interiors.

But when looked at from a more practical perspective, advances in Perspex manufacturing technology have enabled acrylic to gain a real edge. From everyday retail environments to prestige jewellery stores to trophy display cases and more, opting for acrylic really does bring a broad range of benefits.

With this in mind, here are just a few reasons to consider high-quality Perspex for your next display case, as an alternative to traditional glass:

  • Better Clarity

Contrary to popular belief, acrylic is superior in its transparency to glass. This is due to the fact that the surface of Perspex does not create problems with reflections, to the same extent as glass does. If you have ever had to position your face uncomfortably close to a sheet of glass to see through it due to problematic reflections, you will understand this issue.

With high-quality Perspex, you don’t have to worry about reflective glare that might otherwise obscure the view of what is inside. This is, of course, a major advantage in all types of retail and business settings.

  • Improved Safety

Neither glass nor Perspex is invulnerable. Treat either too roughly and it is eventually going to break. But what makes the difference here is that in the unlikely event that an acrylic display case does break, it is not going to injure anyone in the vicinity.

Glass, even safety glass, has the potential to shatter into the kinds of pieces that can be a real health hazard. With acrylic, the worst-case scenario is that case cracks or comes apart in pieces that will not cause injury.

  • Higher Strength

On the same point, heavy-duty acrylic has the potential to be significantly stronger than glass. Precisely why many of the world’s most prestigious retail settings turned to acrylic a long time ago as a means to bolster their in-store security.

High-quality Perspex is practically impossible to penetrate without the use of special tools, making it a great choice for displaying jewellery, watches and other expensive items. So along with being safer if the worst should happen, the likelihood of a Perspex display case breaking in the first place is much lower.

  • Lighter and More Portable

As glass display cases increase in size, they become increasingly difficult to move and transport. Not just because of their potential fragility, but also their weight.  By contrast, high-end acrylic is one of the lightest materials the global manufacturing sector currently has access to.

This means that irrespective of the size and configuration of the unit in question, a Perspex display case is always going to be exponentially lighter. Not to mention, far easier (and safer) to move and transport from one location to the next.

  • Lower Costs

In spite of the broad benefits of opting for Perspex, glass display cases remain the more expensive choice by a significant margin. This is largely due to the fact that glass display cases are more costly to manufacture while being more difficult to transport and assemble due to their weight. Plus, the potentially indefinite lifespan you get from a Perspex display case also adds up to unbeatable long-term value for money. They are cheaper to pick up in the first place and are also near-guaranteed to prove more cost-effective in the long run.