Why Choose Acrylic Fabrication for Visual Merchandising?

Visual merchandising plays a role of huge importance at the core of a broader retail marketing strategy. First impressions are everything in retail, meaning you only have one opportunity to grab the attention of your customers and ‘wow’ them with your store’s interiors.

This is where effective visual merchandising can make all the difference. 

If you want your products and your brand to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons, you need to ensure everything looks the part.

Precisely where acrylic fabrication for retail displays comes into play – an effective and affordable way to bring your interiors to life.

If you have not already incorporated acrylic fabrication into your visual merchandising strategy, here are seven reasons to consider doing just that:

  • Versatility

Acrylic fabrication can be used to create almost anything you can think of.  From product cases to LED fixtures to cutting-edge product displays and more, everything you could ever need to support your visual merchandising strategy is on the table. The acrylic used in the fabrication process can be moulded, bonded, fused and shaped in a limitless number of ways and can even be combined with other materials for an even more dramatic visual effect.

  • Customisation

The versatility of acrylic fabrication also opens the door to total creative freedom. Uniqueness and innovation hold the key to successful visual merchandising, giving you the perfect opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Each and every imaginable colour can be used (and combined in any way required) to create a truly one-of-a-kind result. Your visual merchandising strategy can be tailored to pair perfectly with the rest of your branding strategy, ensuring total seamlessness and unification between the two.

  • Lightweight

Acrylic has naturally lightweight properties, making it easy to move around your store and even to take out and about on the road. This could be particularly useful for retailers that regularly attend events like trade shows or those that like to experiment regularly with new store layouts.

  • Durability

Despite being lightweight, acrylic is also extremely durable and resilient. With little to no maintenance required, a high-quality visual merchandising product manufactured from acrylic can have a near-indefinite lifespan. All it takes is a quick wipe on occasion to keep it in showroom condition, with little to no risk of damage through normal everyday use. Acrylic will not splinter or shatter like many comparable materials and is far less likely to pose a health and safety risk to your customers.

  • Resistance

Along with being naturally strong and durable, acrylic visual display items are also highly resistant to moisture, dust, dirt and many types of chemicals. They are also immune to the effects of UV light, meaning no risk of the materials becoming faded or damaged through exposure to sunlight. This means that acrylic visual merchandising features and fixtures can be used in any location in your store and will continue serving their purpose while looking fantastic indefinitely.

  • Cost-effective

Compared to many other materials commonly used in visual merchandising, acrylic can be extremely cost-effective. Not only is it an affordable material to work with in the first place, but its indefinite lifespan adds up to unbeatable value for money. Display units and items can be fashioned in all shapes and sizes to suit all budgets, making it a great choice for small and large businesses alike.

  • Compatibility

As an added bonus, high-quality acrylic can also be perfectly paired with a store’s existing visual display features. From display stands to light fixtures to artistic embellishments, acrylic fabrication can play a role in bringing your store’s overall theme and décor together.

  • Sustainability

Acrylic is 100% recyclable which makes it the top choice when looking at materials to use in displays.  For projects where sustainability is key, we can even offer 100% recycled acrylic.