Denny Plastics Hired to Recommission Lucy McKenna Art Installation

At Denny Plastics, we’re always on the lookout for opportunities to take part in ambitious projects and to demonstrate what our experienced team is capable of.  That is why we are hugely proud to have been hired by noted Irish artist Lucy McKenna, as the main materials supplier for one of her most impressive projects to date.

The project, called “In Perpetuity”, comprised a series of Perspex shapes in an extensive range of colours, which after being laser cut were assembled to create an 18-metre-long piece of modern art that extended across five walls.

McKenna’s piece was first exhibited in 2017, at which point the components of the artwork were made of vinyl. Denny Plastics was approached with a request to update the installation with laser cut Perspex acrylic, in order to create a more eye-catching and standout 3D effect. 

Our company was chosen on the basis of our extensive knowledge and experience working with Perspex acrylic, and our use of the most advanced technologies and machinery to cut complex designs with pinpoint precision. We offered advice and insights into the use of Perspex colours, live edge fluorescents, and the discreet ‘vario’ range to create the desired drama with the final installation.

Communication Beyond Our Civilisation

A multi-disciplined artist with an established background in film, photography, sculpture, drawing and audio artworks, Lucy McKenna described this recommissioning project as follows:

“This new incarnation of In Perpetuity visualises a hypothetical language for communication beyond our civilisation,” she said.

“Imagining a language that has the capability to self-assemble when observed by a consciousness different to our own, this artwork is a vehicle for the transference of information using colour and lightwaves over vast distances. The individual pieces when combined together form an alphabet where meaning and interpretation is at the user’s discretion.”

With a history spanning more than eight decades, Denny Plastics has a long-established reputation as the UK’s leading specialist in laser cutting, CNC routing and general fabrication. Since going into business, we are proud to have supported such major brands as Mercedes, AOL, Vodafone, Smirnoff, Canon, Carlsberg, Giorgio Armani and Bacardi.

Once again, we are delighted to have been chosen as the main materials supplier for this ambitious and prestigious recommissioning project on behalf of Lucy McKenna. If you would like to learn more about Lucy McKenna, her full project portfolio including all in-progress projects can be found at the following URL:

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