Denny Plastics Wows with Unique Installation in Flagship Ferrari Showroom

Denny Plastics is always up for a challenge and our team revels in the opportunity to showcase our talents to the public. 

That is why we were delighted to have been recently commissioned to work with some of London’s most prominent up-and-coming architects, as part of the RIBA London Regent Street Windows Project.

Under the theme of “Play”, we transformed a series of Perspex Fluorescent sheets into an eye-catching and engaging spatial installation for Ferrari’s flagship London store. The challenge was to create an installation that reflected both the brand’s image/personality and that of our own company, while at the same time complying with the broader theme of the event.

Total Creative Freedom

The range of colours and effects available within the Perspex® acrylic range gave us great freedom and inspiration to create a stunning design and unique installation. Perspex Fluorescent was used to precision-cut ‘ribbons’ of neon light that extended across the shop, as a replication of the smoke trails created in a wind tunnel while testing Ferrari prototypes.

Toying with perceptions, these Perspex Fluorescent ribbons were blown between two distinctly different shapes – one creating the outline of the classic Ferrari Gran Tourismo, and the other the outline of the iconic Formula 1 car from Ferrari.

The project involved the design and manufacture of several custom moulds and formers, after which Perspex Fluorescent sheets measuring 3,000mm x 100mm wide were laser cut, polished, and finished.

Denny Plastics

Founded in the 1940s, Denny Plastics has a longstanding reputation as a leading fabricator offering laser cutting, CNC routing and general fabrication. Since going into business, we are proud to have supported such major brands as Mercedes, AOL, Vodafone, Smirnoff, Canon, Carlsberg, Giorgio Armani and Bacardi.

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